Thursday, July 13, 2006

Alan Launder Interview Part 2 PVW - #0023

Alan Launder Instructing proper Pole Vault Techniqe on the High Bar at the Woodlands Camp on July 6, 7, 8, 2006.

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Alan Launder Interview Part 1 PVW - #0022

Listen to this Podcast PVW #0022

Alan Launder, Author "From Beginner to Bubka" conducted a camp at the Woodlands High School July 6, 7, 8, 2006.

Coach Launder graduated from Loughborough College, England. Coached his firt Pole Vaulter in 1958 Paul Dove, shortly after he moved to Dr. Challoner's Grammar School , England. He was assigned field events where he taught each boy to Pole Vault on 8 ft wooden staves. It was here that Steve Chappell learned to Pole Vault and started his way to his present position as Managing Director of UCS Spirit. After 10 years of Coaching in England Alan moved to the U.S. to Western Kentucky to earn a Masters Degree and coach the field events. In 1973 Coach Launder left for the University of South Austraila as a Throws Coach. It was here that I saw that there had not been a vaulter over 13 feet in the last five years. To learn more about the Vault I visited England, Germany, France and Poland. I worked with Maurice Houvion for two weeks in Vincennes, France. Andrzei Krzesinski in Warsaw, Poland for two weeks and Krupski in Germany two weeks.

My great change in thinking came when I met Vitali Petrov. "Planning for Peak Performance in the Pole Vault", PDF File 37 pages. More to Come !!!

Music by Gilli Moon, Song Extrordinary Life

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San Marcos River Vault 2006 PVW - #0021

The San Marcus River was held on July 2, 2006 hosted by Lone Star Pole Vault. Jason Colwick pictured winning the Elite Divison with a jump of 17'0".

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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

NCAA Track & Field Championships 2006 PVW - #0020

Tommy Skipper won his second NCAA Track & Field Outdoor Pole Vault Title June 9, 2006 in Sacramento Calafornia. Tommy Jumped 18' 8 1/4 for the win. Becca Gillispy inteviews Tommy after the win and gives details of how the competition went. Opened at 5.5 (18' 0 1/2). When the bar was at 5.85 (19' 2 1/2) Tommy started with a pole flexed at 11.6 and finished with a flex of 12.0. Tommy tells Becca that he plans to stay in school and graduate in two years. The interview then goes on to how it feels to win second outdoor title. Photo taken from American Track & Field Athlete.

Mike Landers of UCLA placed 3rd with a jump of 18'0 1/2" new double PR. Mike was able to get on a bigger pole and jumping with the advice of Coach Tony (Anthony Curran).

Brian Mondschein tells how his warm-ups were ugly running through 5 of 6 times. When the competition started he got his adrenaline going and went up poles and made ajustments as the meet when on. Brian cleared all his jumps until he got to 5.50 (18'0 1/2"). Winds were not to bad, you could catch a break if you stayed patient. Advice to young vaulters, just keep at it. Alot of hard work will pay off in the end.

Music found at the end of the podcast is from the Podsafe Music Network. The song is Let it Rock by the Black Furies.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Jillian Schwrtz Interview #0019

Becca Gillespy Interviews Jillian Schwartz in Jonesboro Ark. Jillian was a member of the U.S. Olympic Team that competed in Athens Greece. See Jillian's USATF Career Highlights

Here is the link to the recipes Jill gave in her interview as her favorites

1. How did you get started?
2. How high did you jump in college 4.20 13'9
3. What did you do after college?
4. What year did you graduate from college? 2001
5. What was it like leaving college and becoming an elite vaulter?
6. How did you first get to go and compete in Europe - Agent?
7. What was it like traveling to Europe and competing?
8. 2004 Olympic year. How did you prepare?
9. What were your experiences at the Olympics in Greece.
10. What were some highlights in 2005? World Championships
11. What were your favorite meets to jump in Europe?
12. What are your goals for 2006?
13. What is it like being featured in two calandars. Vault Girls & and Jewish + Female = Athlete.
14. members Questions? from the message board.
15. We are still waiting on favorite songs from Techno and Punk

Web Links: Duke Magazine, Jewish Virtual Library.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Woodlands Halloween Vault PVW - #0018

The Woodlands Halloween Vault Show Notes will be up soon. Check back for details

Sound effects found at

Jeff Hartwig Interview PVW - #0017

Jeff Harwig Show Notes will be added soon. In the meantime vist

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Deke Conklin Interview PVW - #0016

Becca Gillespy Interview's Deke Conklin at the York Beach Vault. I will complete this Blog with Deke as soon as I can find the time. I am putting on a Cross Country meet this Friday with over 500 runners who I need to key entries into my computer for scoring.

Check back Monday 9/19/05 for interview.

Read the following article about Deke for his story.

Monday, September 12, 2005

York Beach Vault Interviews PVW - #0015

York Beach Interviews will be up as soon as I can get the time to mix them together and upload. Very busy week putting on a High School Cross Country Meet.

Matt Gault Email

Bob Duckworth

Friday, September 09, 2005

PVW - #0014 Bubba Sparks Interview

Bubba Sparks is a Master Pole Vaulter who has been vaulting in Master Meets since 1988.

Bubba first got the idea to Pole Vault when he saw Bob Seagren jump at the Sunkist Invitational on T.V. After watching the meet Bubba was in his garage looking for sticks he could use to practice with.

In High School Bubba vaulted at Waltrip & Scarborough High Schools and jumped 14'6. Athlete he remembers looking up to was Dave Roberts from Conroe High School TX, and trained at Rice University. (1976 World Record Holder 5.70 18' 81/4").

Beginning equipment: 2 poles 16' 190 & (12' 130 thermaflex) learned how to swing from the smaller pole.

Bubba attended Soutwest Texas State University on a partial Pole Vault Scholarship and jumped 15' 2 1/2" Freshman year. Bubba watched STEVE HARDISON win the NAIA National Outdoor Championship 16' 625". which was the motivation to get better for the upcoming seasons. Bubba went on to win the 1975 & 1976 NAIA Pole Vault Outdoor Championships. Bubba's PR in college was 5.20 17' 0.75" at the same meet Earl Bell set the World Record in Wichita 5.67 18.7.25

After a 10 year absence from vaulting Bubba met up with Coach Vince O'Boyle at UC Irvine to help coach college vaulters and have a place to train for 14 years.

Bubba was asked by Bruce Caldwell to assist as a Pole Vault technician for the Olympic Games in Atlanta where he spent five weeks working with athletes from around the world as they prepared for the Olympics. In 1997 Bubba won the Boston Indoor Nationals competed in Master's Championships in South Africa placing 3rd.

In 2005 Bubba competed in the National Masters Meet in Honolulu, Hawaii. Bubba palced 3rd in event 765 M50 Pole Vault (3.50 meters 11' 575") Bubba is also helping the Pole Vaulters at The Woodlands High School, Texas.

Links discussed by Bubba in our interview. Bubba's Web Page Bubba's PT at Home Age grading calculator.

PVW - #0013 Pole Vault Superstitions

Pole Vault Superstitions is under construction and will be added when complete
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