Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Beta Podcast PVW-0000

A. Created using Audiocast

B. Hi I am new to radiodaddy and podcasting. I am a Pole Vault Coach and would like to provide Pole Vaulters with podcast style news and information.My script for the intro would go like this.1. Your listening to Polevaultworld. Topics here will take you high above the bar with actual pole vaulters and techniques that got them there.2. Return often for interviews with the Stars and Coaches who have success stories to share.Any good sound effect would be welcome!!!Raise the Bar with your voice overOakduck. midimuso at radiodaddy did the PoleVaultWorld voice over.

C. Fellow Pole Vault enthusists, This is a beta podcast to see if there is a big enough interest to set up a pole vault podcast site. I have recently purchased an ipod and have been learning its capabilities. After a couple of weeks of fumbling around I came across itunes podcasts. Podcasting is a method of publishing files via the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed to receive new files automatically. It became popular in late 2004, largely for downloading audio files onto a portable audio player or personal computer. What you are listening to now is a podcast. I am in no way an experienced computer geek or broadcaster, but I was able to create this podcast with realitive ease and very little expense. After installing and listening to some of itunes podcasts I began to realize that podcasting maybe an excellent way for Pole Vaulters to pass on success stories, techniques and interviews. As we all know Track & Field and Pole Vaulting get very little main stream news coverage and it is very hard to get good coverage. Becca at polevaultpower.com has done such a great job with her message board. News and information pole vaulters receives there is just awsome. I can only hope that Becca will be a strong supporter and part of trying to create a pole vault podcast . I am willing to get a podcast for pole vaulters started if the interest is here. I in no way want to be the only one who conducts interviews or feel I have the ability to do a good job at it. However, I think with help we could have many people interviewing Pole Vaulters and sending those interviews by wav or mp3 format to me. I would then mix the interviews with a new podcast in production. Let me know what you think. Coach Duckworth Klein Oak High School


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