Tuesday, August 02, 2005

PVW-0003 Dustin Warren Interview

A. Will be going into 11 Grade, Odessa High School.

B. Team: West Texas Pole Vault.

C. Coach: Curtis Hays, and Eddie Stevenson ( Toby Stevenson's Dad).

D. How did you prepare. Use bigger pole, Altius 13' 9" 155. Grip: inch down from the top.

E. Take off: Fourteen steps back from the pit.

F. Last week at the USATF Championships 2nd place 13'0" jump off.

G. Going to the National Meet in Indianapolis.

H. Jump in the river after you are done.

I. 14' feet PR. Goals keep on breaking my records and getting on bigger poles.

J. Never have heard of a podcast.


Blogger dustin warren said...

hey u guys this is dustin warren.iwent to the national meetand got 4th place with another pr of 14-5 1/4.but im still goin.if u read this leave me a comment and hope i do well.[plant hard fly high go home... with a trophy,thank and god bless.

11:05 AM  

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