Tuesday, August 02, 2005

PVW-#0009 Rick Baggett Interview

Rick Baggett Interview http://www.willamettestriders.com/ Click on hyperlink to see Coach Baggett's site.

A. Vision has come true. I started PoleVaultWorld Podcast in the hopes that other pole vault enthusiasts would do interviews and send them to this site. Becca Gillespy who created polevaultpower.com sent me an email at oakduck@hotmail.com with interview files of Coach Rick Baggett USA Senior Coach WSTC 14388 So. Maplelane Rd. Oregon City, OR 97045.

B. PoleVaultWorld is now listed on podcastalley.com. This site is very new and expanding very quickly. At podcastalley.com you can view PoleVaultWorld Podcast info and download all the episodes.

C. my.yahoo.com site. This link is where you would go to set up a my yahoo account. Once you have an account go to add content to see how to include a RSS feed. Becca's RSS feed , click here. PoleVaultWorld Feed Feed is highlighted in the greyed out line.

D. From polevaultworld.com you can link to my show notes by clicking on podcast down at the bottom of the home page. Once there click on show notes link.

E. In Becca's interview you can hear poles hitting the back of the box during the interview.

F. Becca's in the Harry Weber indoor facility in Oregon City, Or. Becca is interveiwing the founder and director of the Willamette Striders Track Club. Coach Bagget was the High School Coach of Tommy Skipper 18'3" , Sarah Need help with spelling 13'0 footer in High School, Beckey Holliday 14' 4" as a Jr. College athlete. Coach Baggett talks about how to begin a club.

G. Coach Baggett gives the size of Harry Weber indoor facility at 60 feet wide and 200 feet long along with other details for training track & field athletes. Coach Baggett has 225 pole in the facility.

H. Coach Bagget is the chairman for the Northwest Region Pole Vault Development. As Chairman he runs the Northwest Polevault Festival in February, its kind of like the Pole Vault Summit. but for local High School coaches and athletes. Gymnastics coaches come in and help out with body positioning. Also puts on the Northwest Regional Championships with two Beach Vaults running 10 and 11 years. Also check out the Freedom Fair

I. Becca asks Coach Baggett what is going well for Pole Vault Development. Pole Vault is far ahead of other events. From safety issues to Coaches education program. We need to start to put together a standardized Pole Vault Curriculum for Schools to work from. We need to create a standarized development much like gymnastics has. Rick suggests more work on conditioning and speed development.

J. USOC has pulled the funding and put it on a as needed basis. Organizors would take $8,000 to take athletes and them selves to Europe, This did not help the development community. Becca asks where should we spend money. Coach Baggett suggests building 100 facilitys like the Harry Weber at every metro area in the U.S. = 25 Million.

K. Becca asks what advice do you have for beginning vaulters. Rick suggests get and old pole and go jump over stuff in the back yard. As soon as you start getting 8 or 9 feet and it starts to hurt, you need to go find a pole vault pit.

L. Becca asks how do you suggest kids learn more about pole vaulting. Rick says "investigate", get on the internet and ask around.

M. If you got my closing in a Duck kind of voice, I did not do that on purpose. The first real PoleVaultWorld Blooper is here. I heard it on my itunes download, not the other sites.

L. Music at the end is the song Rollin by Regan. Send an Email with a song you have found in garageband and I just may put it on a podcast coming soon.


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