Thursday, August 04, 2005

PVW-#0010 Steve Chappell, UCS Spirit

Steve Chappell, UCS Spirit Episode 10

A. August 5, 2005. This is Bob Duckworth with Today I asked many of our High School CC Runners if they new what Podcasting was and most did not have a clue. So I think I need to repeat myself on the topic for first time listeners. Podcasts can be downloaded and Subscribe for free at itunes, or and at many other sites.

B. How did I first get in to Podcasting? Well, I grew up in the Denver Colorado area and often times I go to the webpage for Colorado News. On that site I saw a Podcast logo and read up on how I could download their Podcast. The process was pretty easy and before I new it I was driving to Cross Country Practice listening to Colorado News. During that days run with the team I could not stop thinking about how cool that was. When I came back home I researched further and found that you could download other Podcasts from itunes for free. So I gave it a try, and soon I was listening to podcasts from amateurs like myself.

C. I feel like I just found an old microphone and went out in the backyard and just started talking about stuff. Much like Rick Baggett said beginning vaulters should do with an old Pole Vault Pole, In Becca's interview with Rick Bagget on episode 9. As I continue to learn how to use this microphone, I hope to bring the sound quality to a better level. With time I will move to better equipment and keep improving like we expect our vaulters to do.

D. Now its time to turn it over to Becca Gillespy with interviews Steve Chappell with UCS Spirit, in Carson City Nevada. at the UCS Spirit pole plant.

B. Becca asks how did you get started making poles. "long answer to that, I was a Pole Vaulter in England and my coach was in correspondence with George Moore of American Athletics. George brought his family to Munich Germany in 1972 for the Olympics, It was at that time he met George's daughter Debbie. Two years later Debbie came to England with a friend in 1974 and our friendship blossomed and I came to America and we got married.

C. I began working at Pacer American in Carson City, Nevada. I was working on the pacer III vaulting pole. Things evolved and developed and after George past away from a serious cancer I moved up in the company. In 1986 Pacer was sold.

D. In 1987 we formed UCS Spirit, Jim Wagnor, Lane Maestretti, and myself under the wing of UCS.

E. Becca asks what success has Spirit poles had. 1st Doug Fraley(son of Bob Fraley) Jumped with our poles at the NCAA Championships 1987. He needed a pole, one of his poles was damaged and he needed a replacement. Lane drove it down to Baton Rouge and Doug won the meet. This was one of our most cherished moments because we new the pole had met the stress of competition.

F. Relationship with Sergei Bubka continued from his use of the AMF Pacer. Sergei in fact did set a new world record in 1988 using the new Spirit Pole. Sergei began a whole string of records which took him over 20 feet, over 6 meters 40 times. Sergei record still stands today at 6.13 meters or 20'125" . Following Doug Fraley from the Fresno area was Melissa Price who took woman's pole vaulting to new levels and set many American Records. She jumped 13'0" after graduating from high school and show that woman vaulters are for real. Stacy Dagila continued that string of American Records, that turned into World Records, and Olympic Gold. Now the event realy is a global sport for woman and 5 meters has been broken.

G. Its been 20 years since Sergei Bubka jumped the majical 6.0 meters on July 13, 1985, and here July 22, 2005 the woman 5.0 meters was set. Thats a very special feeling to be connected to those two majical marks. We hope it will continute, will see. Hopefully, we will do a little bit better with the weather, and we won't get delayed and disrupted. We would like to focus on a Clinic and the Competition. We really feel

H. Becca asks - you all put on the National Pole Vault Summit every year, what are some of the things we can expect at the 2006 Summit.


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