Thursday, July 13, 2006

Alan Launder Interview Part 1 PVW - #0022

Listen to this Podcast PVW #0022

Alan Launder, Author "From Beginner to Bubka" conducted a camp at the Woodlands High School July 6, 7, 8, 2006.

Coach Launder graduated from Loughborough College, England. Coached his firt Pole Vaulter in 1958 Paul Dove, shortly after he moved to Dr. Challoner's Grammar School , England. He was assigned field events where he taught each boy to Pole Vault on 8 ft wooden staves. It was here that Steve Chappell learned to Pole Vault and started his way to his present position as Managing Director of UCS Spirit. After 10 years of Coaching in England Alan moved to the U.S. to Western Kentucky to earn a Masters Degree and coach the field events. In 1973 Coach Launder left for the University of South Austraila as a Throws Coach. It was here that I saw that there had not been a vaulter over 13 feet in the last five years. To learn more about the Vault I visited England, Germany, France and Poland. I worked with Maurice Houvion for two weeks in Vincennes, France. Andrzei Krzesinski in Warsaw, Poland for two weeks and Krupski in Germany two weeks.

My great change in thinking came when I met Vitali Petrov. "Planning for Peak Performance in the Pole Vault", PDF File 37 pages. More to Come !!!

Music by Gilli Moon, Song Extrordinary Life

More Coming Soon!!!


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