Wednesday, July 05, 2006

NCAA Track & Field Championships 2006 PVW - #0020

Tommy Skipper won his second NCAA Track & Field Outdoor Pole Vault Title June 9, 2006 in Sacramento Calafornia. Tommy Jumped 18' 8 1/4 for the win. Becca Gillispy inteviews Tommy after the win and gives details of how the competition went. Opened at 5.5 (18' 0 1/2). When the bar was at 5.85 (19' 2 1/2) Tommy started with a pole flexed at 11.6 and finished with a flex of 12.0. Tommy tells Becca that he plans to stay in school and graduate in two years. The interview then goes on to how it feels to win second outdoor title. Photo taken from American Track & Field Athlete.

Mike Landers of UCLA placed 3rd with a jump of 18'0 1/2" new double PR. Mike was able to get on a bigger pole and jumping with the advice of Coach Tony (Anthony Curran).

Brian Mondschein tells how his warm-ups were ugly running through 5 of 6 times. When the competition started he got his adrenaline going and went up poles and made ajustments as the meet when on. Brian cleared all his jumps until he got to 5.50 (18'0 1/2"). Winds were not to bad, you could catch a break if you stayed patient. Advice to young vaulters, just keep at it. Alot of hard work will pay off in the end.

Music found at the end of the podcast is from the Podsafe Music Network. The song is Let it Rock by the Black Furies.


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